Colorado Pot Shop Tour

at 2015.04.22
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We spent 4/20 weekend in Denver, trying to get a feel for how things may look soon in Oregon. Here’s what we found:

native-roots-1-gram-joints-lemon-diesel-header-image-cropLemon Diesel sativa and one gram pre-rolled cones from Native Roots.

Our first stop was Native Roots in downtown Denver. We arrived to a line out the door and a 45 minute wait to get in which we’re told was due to the holiday weekend. We decided to wait and were glad we did because Native Roots ended up being our favorite shop.

Once we made it inside we were asked for ID before entering the sales area and then once again by our budtender, the term for a marijuana bartender, before she helped us. Once the formalities were taken care of, we got down to business.

Native Roots offers 15 varieties of marijuana flowers in three categories: indica, sativa and hybrid. Advertised prices for flower varied but ranged from $17/g to $360/oz for top shelf, exclusive flowers. Their 4/20 special deals which were much more reasonably priced.

marijuana buds-harlequin-GRiZ-Kush-lemon-diesel-header-image-cropFrom left to right: Harlequin hybrid, GRiZ Kush hybrid and Lemon Diesel sativa.

In addition to flowers, Native Roots carries a huge selection of edibles, tinctures, topicals and extracts including shatter, wax, sap and bubble hash. 4/20 specials included $10 grams of Cannabis Cup 2015 #2 Peoples choice award winner GRiZ Kush and pre-rolled 1 gram cones priced at 4 for $20.

Native-roots-lemon-diesel-1-gram-packageLemon Diesel and 1 gram packaging with seed to sale labels.

State regulated recreational marijuana still falls into several federal gray areas (that we’ll discuss in future posts) and is for the most part a cash only business. Native Roots has an interesting work around where they’ll accept debit cards and process transactions in increments of $20 that appear on your account as an ATM withdrawal. They’ll then give you change in cash.

What products and stores did you try this 4/20?

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