Oregon Legalization & the #BurnsideBurn!

guy-fox-cannabis-flag-burnside-burnCannabis possession and cultivation for adults over the age of 21 became legal in Oregon this past June 1, 2015. Portland NORML hosted a midnight event on the Burnside bridge which was later dubbed #BurnsideBurn.

Burnside Burn drew thousands of people who covered the entire length of the bridge and spilled over onto both banks of the river. Nearly everyone lit up after the clock struck midnight. People openly shared cannabis flower, seeds and plants with one another.

scott_gordon_russbelville_burnside_burn_burnsideburnScott Gordon and Russ Belville of Portland NORML speak with journalists under the Made in Oregon sign on the West side of the Burnside bridge shortly after midnight.

Though adults still cannot purchase cannabis until October 1, 2015, Oregon’s budding marijuana industry is ramping up to go big. As businesses in the space begin to operate, we’ll bring you in-depth features on the  movers and shakers in the cannabis scene along with event coverage from the hottest ganja events in the Portland area.

What cannabis businesses and events would you like to see covered on gritmondo.com?

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